Polysulphate resources expand into e-learning

Our new Polysulphate e-learning tool is an important addition to the range of information sources we share with farmers and their advisors. In this information-rich era, it is more important than ever that useful, technical advice is seen and understood by the people it is relevant for.

Clarity in brevity

This is why we have taken the trouble to condense the key facts about Polysulphate into a format that offers all the information needed to make the most of this natural fertilizer, whatever the crop or soil or conditions. 

In the e-learning tool the main messages are concise and clear - and colorful, too. There are infographics that package and present key facts. Information is succinctly summarized in short sentences. Supplementary information, if needed, is readily available.

E-learning is easy learning

Users of the Polysulphate e-learning tool can navigate quickly through the main menu to understand what Polysulphate is, why it is such an effective fertilizer, how to use it and the different Polysulphate products and their relevance to different crops and conditions. An added bonus within the tool is that it gives priority access to browse the archive of research and evidence of Polysulphate in different crops around the world.

Our Polysulphate e-learning tool sits alongside our Polysul-fit Polysulphate Calculator and together they are powerful tools for offering learning and delivering information to bring the benefits of Polysulphate to more farmers and crops around the world.